JOE Editorial Board

Chitre, Mandar
Chapman, N. Ross
de Moustier, Christian
Lynch, James
Spindel, Robert
Arrichiello, Filippo
Underwater Vehicles and Robotics, Control Systems
Asakawa, Kenichi
Underwater Robotics, Gliders, Cabled Observation Systems
Atmanand, M.A.
Ocean Resource Exploration; Ocean Energy; Ocean Observation Systems; Underwater Vehicles
Bachmayer, Ralf
Marine Robotics; AUV Underwater Gliders; USV Systems Dynamics Control
Bingham, Brian
Marine Robotics, Unmanned Systems, Field Robotics, Underwater Localization and Navigation, Dynamics and Control
Brekke, Edmund
Target Tracking, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Inertial Navigation, Collision Avoidance, Autonomous Vehicles
Buckham, Brad
Wave Energy Conversion Technology, Dynamics Modeling and Control of Undersea Vehicles, Moored Infrastructure, Cable Dynamics
Chotiros, Nicholas
Seafloor Acoustics and Geoacoustics; Models ;and Measurements
Cobb, Tory
Machine Learning; Image Processing; Signal Processing; Automatic Target Recognition
Cochenour, Brandon
Underwater Optical Communications, Networking, Imaging, and Sensing;
Cruz, Nuno
AUV design, underwater navigation, acoustic navigation, and adaptive sampling
Culver, Lee
Sonar, Statistical, and Array Signal Processing
Delory, Eric
Sensor Systems, Signal Processing, Passive Acoustics
Diamant, Roee
Signal processing, signal detection, object detection, localization, navigation, sonar signal processing, time synchronization, & marine observatories
Englot, Brendan
Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Dynamics and Control, Planning and Decision-Making, Acoustic Imaging and Ranging
Foote, Kenneth
Fisheries Acoustics; Underwater Sound; Sonar Calibration
Gill, Eric
Signal Processing, Signal Detection, Object Detection, Localization, Navigation, Sonar Signal Processing, Time Synchronization, & Marine Observatories
Gomes, Joao
Underwater Acoustic Communications; Signal Processing
Haller, Merrick
Physical Oceanography, Waves, Currents, and Radar Remote Sensing
Hayes, Michael
Synthetic Aperture Sonar; Sidescan Sonar, Array Signal
He, Wei
Marine Cybernetics, Control Systems, Marine Structures, Robotics
Hunter, Alan
Synthetic Aperture and Array Processing, Fourier Acoustics, Sonar Imaging, Passive Acoustic Monitoring, Underwater Navigation and Autonomy
Magliula, Elizabeth
Structural Acoustics; Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Platesand Shells; Underwater Vehicle Noise Mitigation
Maki, Toshihiro
Underwater Observation Systems; Robotics; Information Processing Technologies
Michalopoulou, Eliza
Ocean Acoustics, Localization, and Inversion
Morozov, Andrey
Underwater Sound Sources, Scattering of Sound by Internal Waves and Underwater Communications
Nicolas, Barbara
Shallow Water Acoustics and Acoustic Signal Processing
Pelekanakis, Costas
Underwater acoustic communications, and signal processing
Potter, John
Ocean Acoustics; Marine Mammal Acoustics
Potty, Gopu
Shallow Water; Sediment Acoustics
Richardson, Michael
Seafloor Geoacoustics; Measurement of Sediment Properties and Processes
Romeiser, Roland
Radar Imaging; Scatterometry; Interferometry; Wave-Current Interaction; Air-Sea Interaction
Ross, Tetjana
Physical Oceanography, Acoustical Oceanography, Bioacoustics
Sæbø, Torstein
Synthetic Aperture Sonar; Interferometry; Array Signal Processing; Sidescan Sonar; Swath Bathymetry
Simons, Dick
Multibeam and Single Beam Sonar Applications; Sea Floor Mapping; Marine Sediment Classification
Sousa, João
AUVs, multiple vehicle systems, and planning and execution control
Stojanovic, Milica
Underwater Acoustic Communication; Signal Processing, Underwater Networks
Takagi, Ken
Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics, Dynamics of Floating Structures and Ocean Energy Utilization
Thornton, Blair
Underwater Spectroscopy and Imaging, Underwater Robotics, Localisation and Mapping
Trucco, Andrea
Beam Pattern and Array Optimization; Techniques for the Generation of Acoustic Images, 3-D Sonar Imaging Systems; Underwater Acoustic
Tsimenidis, Charalampos
Underwater acoustic communications, and sonar and array signal processing
von Ellenrieder, Karl
Marine Hydrodynamics, Propulsion of Marine Vehicles, Design & Control of Unmanned Vehicles and Ocean Renewable Energy Systems
Wage, Kathleen
Long Range Underwater Acoustics; Array Signal Processing
Watson, John
Holography, underwater holography, underwater optics, 3D imaging, and optical imaging
Xu, Wen
Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing
Zhang, Fumin
Maritime Cyber Physical Systems; Maritime Autonomy; Networked or Coordinated Mobile Sensing; Dynamics and Control
Zhang, Peng
Underwater Wireless Power Transfer, Wave and Tidal Energy,
Zheng, Haiyong
Underwater Computer Vision, Image/Video Analysis and Understanding, Deep Learning
Zheng, Y. Rosa
Underwater Wireless Communications; Signal Processing