Accessing papers on IEEE Xplore



 As a benefit of membership, IEEE-OES members have electronic access, via IEEE Xplore, to all the proceedings of OES-sponsored conferences (e.g. OCEANS Conferences) and all issues of the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering.

 If you are a member of IEEE-OES who does not have an IEEE Web account, please proceed as follows:

 (1) verify that your browser is set to accept "cookies"

 (2) point your browser to http://www.ieee.org

 (3) click on "Set up an IEEE Web account"

    (third button down in right-hand column "what do you want to do?")

     This takes you to a page where you can create an new account or

     update an existing one. 

(4) point your browser to http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/
     then login with your IEEE Web account username and password 

To access material owned by other IEEE societies, you have to be a member of those societies, or subscribe to a "member digital library" that allows you a pre-determined number of downloads per month, or subscribe to a more comprehensive package (e.g. IEL at $125k/year).