2016 Distinguished Service Award

For outstanding support of the Society through organization of international conferences, symposia, and workshops.

Harumi Sugimatsu

Harumi Sugimatsu has contributed to the expansion of the International Symposium on Underwater Technology around the Asia-Pacific Rim with 8 symposia held since 1998 in Japan, Taiwan (2004), China (2009), and India (2015), continuing with Korea in 2017.  She was one of the key organizers of OCEANS ’04 and ’08 in Kobe, Japan.  As a member of the OCEANS reconnaissance team, she helped bring the OCEANS conference to Korea (2012), Taiwan (2014), and China (2016).  Her work organizing competitions of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) held by the University of Tokyo has expanded with the upcoming AUV 2016 workshop in Tokyo (Nov. 6-9, 2016).  She worked on the 1998 foundation of the OES Japan Chapter whose activities have since led to the creation of OES Chapters in Korea, China, Taiwan, and India.  In 2015 she became Editor-in-Chief of the OES Beacon Newsletter.  She is a Senior Member of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, and currently serves a 3-year term as an elected member of the OES Administrative Committee.

Harumi Sugimatsu is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo, Japan, specializing in whale and dolphin echolocation with application to cetacean observation systems. Her work on the international collaborative project to monitor Ganges River dolphins was featured in the May 2016 issue of IEEE Spectrum.

Harumi Sugimatsu earned a Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Humanities, Gakushuin University, Japan. She is a member of the Marine Technology Society, the Japan Art History Society.  She is also an accomplished artist credited with numerous exhibitions (http://homepage3.nifty.com/sugimatsu-artgallery/).