Statement of Focus

The Statement of Focus for the Technology Committees of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society

The technical scope of the Oceanic Engineering Society is very broad, encompassing the many specialties within electronic & electrical engineering that are applied in the ocean environment. To provide a focus for these within the OES, technology committees have been formed.  These committees contribute to the technical vitality of the Society in very significant ways, including organizing sessions at OCEANS Conferences, sponsoring special workshops in their area of expertise and in encouraging publication of papers in the Oceanic Engineering Journal and Newsletter. 

There are currently eighteen technology committees within OES.  These are in various stages of formation and activity, with the Current, Wave, and Turbulence Measurement Technology Committee being the oldest and most firmly established and the Innovative Technology Committee being the newest.  At the OCEANS 2016 Monterey Conference, the Global Earth Observing System of Systems Technology Committee changed its name to the Environment and Observation Systems (EOS) Technology Committee.  The scope of the committee also changed, with new statement given on the OES Technology Committees, Chairs & Technical Scope webpage. 

If you would like to participate in one of these committees, or if you have ideas for the formation of another committee, please contact me or the chair of the committee in which you are interested.

The function of an OES Technology Committee, as specified in the OES Bylaws, is summarized below.  The names and addresses of each Committee chairperson are also listed below, followed by a statement of technical scope for many of the committees.

The FUNCTION OF AN OES TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE is to promote activities in its field under the overall supervision and administration of ADCOM and to provide the expert knowledge and assistance to:

      a. Organize and operate sessions at meetings of IEEE at all levels and at meetings of other organizations with which the OES Society is desirous of cooperating.  They may organize technical symposia and conferences in the area of their technical coverage.

      b. Arrange through the Publication Committee and appropriate editors for publishing pertinent papers in IEEE publications.

      c. Encourage, generate and review papers within their scope in cooperation with the Journal Editor.