OES Student Scholarship Program FAQ

IEEE OES Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why must I supply a transcript

a. Transcript requests area a standard procedure. Applications without transcripts will not be considered.

b. The issuance of an official transcript is an indication that you are in good standing with the school in which you are enrolled.

c. It is information about your past academic performance. Applications without any history of academic performance are harder to evaluate. Hard to evaluate applications will not likely be funded.

d. The transcript must be mailed directly to lieslhotaling@yahoo.com by the academic institution; it cannot be a copy mailed by the student, or the student’s advisor. Please write "OES Scholarship Transcript" and your last name in the subject line.

2. Why must my reference letters and transcripts be mailed separately and in confidence by my reference or by my university?

a. To ensure authenticity, confidentiality and candid responses.

3. I am a graduate student. Why must my graduate advisor sign my application?

a. To ensure that your graduate advisor supports your application as an official representative of the university.

4. Why only two pages for the scholarship form?

a. Our scholarship committee members are generous with their time, and we respect that.

b. A standardized set of answers helps us evaluate candidates. Appropriate responses provide enough information for evaluation.

5. Do I really need to adhere to these little details?

a. A complete application is an indication of your ability to succeed in the future and to work with others and will give the scholarship committee a great overview of your abilities and financial need.